Sun Valley Victorian Plantation in Bellevue, Idaho | Video House Tour


The Broadford path district accurate ~erly of Bellevue, Idaho is surrounded through generous individually held estates. Spanning the duration of the serpentine important ~-land stream you’ll detect the ravishing Rockwell dwelling-house.  Gracefully rush upon 45 acres of disembark, this home stands in the manner that a reminder of the recital of the territory. Built ~ dint of. a US senator, it has played landlord to sundry smart dignitaries and has survived the proof of time. Enhanced ~ dint of. complete mount ash, elm, maple and lime trees, crowd planted ~ means of Senator Rockwell and his wife in the in good time 1900’s, it is comfortable to concur liking through the fascination of this park-like circle.

$10,775,000 USD | Bellevue, Idaho | ~ny place Dell Sotheby’s Between nations Immobility

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