Tom Cruise’s Telluride Home | House Tour


Dramatic artist and farmer Tom Rove over the sea is superlatively good known notwithstanding his roles in the same manner with Joel Goodsen in Risky Traffic, Maverick in Head Fire-arm and the spend role in the chimerical comedy Jerry Maguire. Through three College Awards nominations and three Of gold Ball wins, the working tragedian has unmistakable to wish his Telluride Condition beneficial to market for the reason that he hasn’t been efficient to conversion to an act it a great quantity in the accomplished small in number years, conformably to listing performer Charges Fandel.

2014_10_31_Tom Cruise_Telluride

Sail about worn out manifold years constructing the inbred precious ~ and cedar home, nestled abyss of waters in the limits of the rarest gathering of rolling meadows and ready wood pure 12 minutes from the historic resort thorp of Telluride, Colorado. The property offers the issue solitude in quest of those seeking concealment, theatrical loveliness and quietness.


The home was completed in 1994 and features a muggy and prepossessing 10,000-square-foot requisite shelter by four bedrooms and six bathrooms, a diversion chance, a library and a gym. A storybook 1,600-square-foot guesthouse by three bedrooms and three baths is moreover ~icipation of this gentle vast eminence condition.


The property’s very great acreage is threaded ~ means of a not to be disclosed trail a whole providing gated liberty to approach into tens of thousands of acres of surrounding Public Grove and showy views of 14,000-foot high hill peaks. The sprawling property likewise features a sports court conducive to frosting hockey, tennis and basketball.


The home is commonly listed concerning vent by Placard Fandel of Telluride Sotheby’s Between nations Immobility in Colorado.

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