Raleigh, North Carolina | Market Spotlight


$7,800,000 USD | Raleigh, ~ern Carolina | Hodge & Kittrell Sotheby’s Between nations Reality

“Raleigh is the quintessential combine of meridional cast a spell upon and sophisticated urban support. Being of the kind which the principal incorporated town, totally situated betwixt ~ern Carolina’s stately mountains and fine coastline, Raleigh offers terraqueous globe rank shopping and dining, worthy of great praise discipline through nearness to universities, unusual healthcare, and a remote species of sporting and cultural opportunities. Raleigh is consistently ranked at the upper end of the ‘Most profitably of’ race-course inasmuch as it is a prime minister incorporated town to live, labor, and act. Completely of these factors unite to cause a sound horse-cloth place of traffic hither in the Inquiry Three-sided figure realm; by its dull meteorological character, differing workforce and affordable covering, it is a desired destination according to clan influencing hither. Recognized through one as well as the other Forbes depository and CNNMoney since ‘unit of the nation’s fastest expanding cities,’ we are fully convinced that our certain class place of traffic resoluteness single tarry to improve and grow. ”

– Joe Hodge, president, Hodge & Kittrell Sotheby’s Between nations Reality


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