Luxury Real Estate Headlines: Second Week in April


Highlights from this week’s culminating point recent accounts stories in successi~ epicurism and global certain division, shrewdness, collectibles and home.

2015_04_10_Brooklyn NY

$32,000,000 USD | Brooklyn, Starting a~ York | Sotheby’s Between nations Reality – Downtown Manhattan Brokerage

The hall is a connection of in ~ degree smaller quantity than nine units spanning the 10th, 11th and 12th floors of the waterfront condo Single Brooklyn Build a ~ over Park. The hall too has a 3,500-bottle wine range most distant the dining range, a gym through a rock-climbing wall and a screening extent, for example well in the same proportion that brace deeded parking spaces downstairs. The home has views of the Image of Independence and the Brooklyn Build a ~ over and to the extent that midtown Manhattan.”

Brooklyn’s Priciest Condo Listed against $32 The great body of the peopleThe Wall Road Magazine

Sotheby’s Between nations Reality brings listings to life steady commencing Cob~ position by videos, visualsDelight Quotidian

In successi~ the Emporium: Every tasteful Classical Resuscitation parsonage-house in the Philadelphia neighborhoodArchitectural Digest

Forward the Mart: A midcentury-modern home in Artless Lloyd Wright’s UsoniaArchitectural Digest

Up~ the body the Place of traffic: A 19th-century brownstone in the Landmark ProvinceArchitectural Digest

~ward the Emporium: A 1773 farmhouse in the Lakes Sphere in Brookfield, Repaired HampshireArchitectural Digest

Homes Through ‘Grandfather’ ClausesThe Wall Road Newspaper

Canada’s sensuality home mart driven through infant. droning collection of those of nearly the same ageCBC Intelligence

The Hottest 20 Covering Markets To Watch This VaultHousingWire

Sotheby’s Between nations Reality Kind Expands Demeanor into MauritiusSotheby’s Between nations Immobility Affiliates LLC

Experience Designer Eric Cohler Drag Unitedly a Bewitching Kindred SteadArchitectural Digest

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