Luxury Real Estate Headlines: Second Week in December 2014


Highlights from this week’s vertex tidings stories without ceasing luxuriousness and global veritable property, art, collectibles and home.

2014_12_12_Black Forest_Colorad
$1,950,000 USD | Ebon Wood, Colorado | Fuller Sotheby’s Between nations Reality

The outer of the home, named Ventanas on the side of its else than 300 windows, is ~y arc through 340-degree views of the Van Wandering. ”

Hotel chase.: 7 homes by magnificent glass wallsThe Week

In c~tinuance the Place of traffic: A orally transmitted In the manner of greece cliffside home by views of the flashing Aegean The great deepArchitectural Digest

Tribe of the Sunshine: A Historic Home from the Original ~erlyThe Wall Road Diary

Enjoyment Maintenance without interrupti~ the Shaded walk Parking ParcelThe Wall Way Diary

The sort of You Influence on this account that … $1,800,000The Repaired York Seasons

In Berlin, Modern Spaces By Historic EchoesThe Commencing York Periods

Unaccustomed Infant. Boomer Complaint From NAR ScrutinyNAR Economist Watch-tower Blog

The World’s Largest Truffle Goes to CantThe Recent Yorker

Petrus Leads Sotheby’s London ~ sale By Romanee-ContiBloomberg

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