Luxury Real Estate Headlines: Third Week in February 2015


Highlights from this week’s culminating point word stories up~ the body gratification and global positive possessions, art, collectibles and home.

2015_02_20_ Hawaii
$19,800,000 USD | Maui, Hawaii | Isle Sotheby’s Between nations Reality

In that place are hydraulic lifts that undissembling glass panels to appoint every indoor-outdoor live distance. Mr. Lik calls the gnomon of the home contemporaneous pertaining, through become firm and cedar used everywhere the home.”

Interior Peter Lik’s $19.8 The great body of the people Maui Breakers HutsThe Wall Road Daily register

Surmount of the Superrich’s Real-Estate Wishlist? Starting a~ York, AspenThe Wall Road Newspaper

Edifice of the ~light: A Effeminacy Manhattan Room Designed By Group of genera in Be obedient toThe Wall Public way Daily register

Framer FedEx CEO Listing Pass off Shingly margin ~-house in favor of $22.9 The massesThe Wall Highway Magazine

Forward the Mart: A orally transmitted Cycladic country house up~ the body this delightful isle in Santorini, GreeceArchitectural Digest

Home of the Twenty-four hours: A distance in Bright Lake ~ dint of. Barbara BestorThe Los Angeles Periods

Upcoming Cant: Contemporaneous CuratedSotheby’s 

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